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World Vs. World has been a name on the South Wales music scene since 2007, and has consisted of the current line-up of founder members, Kirk Bowen on vocals/guitar, and Damian Harris on drums being joined by Krist Davison on bass/vocals in late 2009. After spending many years honing their sound on the road and with the self-released “Our Own Personal Tabloid” and “The Six Degrees of Separation” E.P.s in 2007 & 2009 respectively, World Vs. World have managed to gain a solid reputation as a live act and also in the studio, and this helped contribute to them catching the eye of independent label, Death Monkey Records, with whom they signed in late 2012, recording debut album, The Sentinel Paradox with DMR in 2015. Musically the band’s influences both differ and unite due to vast musical tastes and backgrounds, and the songs combine haunting vocal melodies woven to intricate but powerful guitars from Kirk, backed up by the solid, flowing basslines and thumping beats of the Krist-Damian rhythm section combination, to create something which sounds both familiar, yet refreshingly different. Add this to a passionate and energetic live presence and you can see how over the years, World Vs. World have become such a prominent band on the South Wales scene and have gained the respect from fellow musicians, fans, and promoters, alike. It has all also contributed to acquiring a truly worldwide reach with fans in over 80 countries around the world, whilst regularly making the playlists of a number of UK and internet radio stations. As well as being nominated for "Best Rock Band" in the annual Swansea based Jack Swan Awards, World Vs. World's debut single, Bohemian Groove was voted #1 in XRP Radio's "Top 100 Tracks Of 2015" World Vs. World are currently working on a follow up to The Sentinel Paradox, releasing the lead single, The Beat Of The Alpha [featuring The Artist Taxi Driver] in 2017 with the 2nd single, Sea Of Glass, due February 2018. World Vs. World are partnered with JD Music Promotion and are endorsed by Dirtbag Clothing.

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