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Welcome to the Welsh Factor Talent Competition website, the home of the largest Talent Competition in South Wales. The Welsh Factor is supported by Wales’s leading Entertainment Agencies and has links to many promotional music industry companies within its group. It has a growing reputation of bringing different groups of the community together on a social basis and people who attend the competition meet and make new friends. We hope within this site you will find a new direction whether you are an aspiring artiste, a member of the audience who likes to be entertained and meet new people or maybe get involved with the organisation of the competition in some capacity. .


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John Rolls


Maxine Rolls,

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30 -45 mins


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Episode 1

Heat 1 - Thomastown

Amberina, Audacity, Caitlin, Charlie, Element, Ellis, Evie, Faith, Freya, Imogen, Infinity, Invictus, Jackson, Jorje, Kersha, Kitty, Lexie, Lily, Megan, Phoebe, Rio, Ruby, Stephanie, Strawberry Jam, Tenacity

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Inside Notes

Radio Presenter BB. Skone chats to musicians and songwriters to learn about the story behind the song

Run Time: 30 mins each . Genre: Music/Chat . No Of Series: 6

Featuring: BB.Skone.,

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