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Host Frank Connor-Hughes talks with guests about health, happiness and wellbeing.

"Change your Mind, Change your Life"

Many people have heard of 'The Law of Attraction' which has been a phenomenon across the globe discussing the ability to attract what you desire, from more wealth, a better life, greater health and even your soulmate. It is a wonderful system for anyone to believe in and it uses something which I have invested a great deal of time into, Psycho Cybernetics.

I CAN Become Aware, make a Choice, take Action and reach My Result

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For anyone to become successful there has to be a goal, a way of life, a level at which you reach your ultimate 'for you'. Your first step towards having a successful life is to write your list of likes and wants. Sometimes this can come directly from working out your dislikes and 'don't wants'. Once you have done this you need to put together a contract. This enables you to set targets, a commencement date, steps to be met and ultimately a completion date. Now you have a purpose, a goal which is attainable by following steps and a time scale to complete it in.




Cheryl Beer


Cheryl Beer

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